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The .300 Winchester Magnum (also known as .300 Win Mag or .300 WM) (7.62×67mmB, 7.62x66BR) is a belted, bottlenecked magnum rifle cartridge that was introduced by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company in 1963. The .300 Winchester Magnum is a magnum cartridge designed to fit in a standard rifle action. It is based on the .375 H&H Magnum, which has been blown out, shortened, and necked down to accept a .30 caliber

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The .300 Win Mag is extremely versatile and has been adopted by a wide range of users including big game hunters, target shooters, military units, and law enforcement departments.

The .300 Win Mag is capable of delivering better long-range performance with heavier, large ballistic coefficient projectiles than any other standard and short length .30 caliber cartridge. Military and law enforcement departments have also adopted the cartridge as a long-range sniper round, intended to be used for shots at longer ranges than the .308 Winchester