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What is 6.8 western ammo

The 6.8 Western ammo is a centerfire rifle cartridge designed by Winchester Repeating Arms Company and Browning Arms Company. Introduced to the market in 2021 basically as a big game hunting cartridge that may be also used for long range target shooting.

History of 6.8 western ammo

Since it’s announcement in early 2021, the 6.8 Western has developed an inspiring reputation for accuracy. The cartridge was developed in collaboration by Winchester and Browning, and was initially chambered in Browning X-Bolt rifles. These rifles usually averaged 0.5- to 0.75-MOA accuracy—like I said, inspiring

What is a 6.8 Western good for?

6.8 Western Ammo is best for For Hunting Elk, Deer, Bear, & Other Big Game

The new 6.8 Western cartridge has gained a great reputation for effectiveness on elk, deer, black bear, and other species of big game. Here are a few great brands of 6.8 Western ammo that will probably serve you very well next time you’re afield

6.8 western ammunition brands

There are a variety of manufacturers who produce 6.8 western ammo . Here are a few of our favorite manufacturers and their most popular  6.8 western ammunition offerings.

  1. Hornady’s most popular 6.8 western ammunition offering is their Custom grade
    6.8 western ammunition.
  2. Federal – Federal produces two  6.8 western ammunition offerings. Their standard offering.
  3. Nosier – Nosier produces two  6.8 western ammunition offerings. Their standard offering.
  4. Winchester – Winchester produces tV
    6.8 western ammunition offerings. Their standard offering

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Western ammo

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